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With your first gladiator, start constructing your powerful empire, where you will not only have to fight for glory, but also build, manage, and defend your city against attacks from online multiplayer games. Conquer territories and seal your place in history as you fight to eventually conquer the entire world. Enjoy spectacular gladiator fights with original combat mechanics in this amazing new strategy game.

In Gladiator Heroes, strategy and resource management in your city are essential, but you will also have to demonstrate your skills in role-playing games, evolving your heroes to be the most feared in the arena. Design, train, battle, and equip your gladiators to lead them to lethal fights, in which they will have to show off their skills and newly acquired weapons. Blood and Glory!

Construct gladiator academies, armouries, infirmaries, government buildings, and arenas while unlocking a divers map with jungles, deserts, mountains and volcanoes. What you do in life echoes in eternity, so get out there and defend your empire in Gladiator Heroes. In this new and exciting turn-based strategy game you will have to fight in the arena as well as make decisions as a great emperor.


Play with friends, fight against other players and compete in the ranking. Discover the new divisions and the automatic combat function.
-Control the construction and growth of your cities.
-Fight in a variety of awesome locations throughout your empire, from suffocating deserts to the snowy tundra.
-Evolve your weapons from wood to Damascus steel, going through iron and gold weapons.
-Place your invincible gladiators strategically to defeat your enemies.
-Name, customize, and train your gladiators to see how they become unbeatable killers.
-Get experience points and free chests when you win in combat.

You can choose four different types of gladiators to fight:

Sword and shield gladiator: attacks enemies with a weapon using only one hand and then stands firm in his position, pressuring the enemy and blocking attacks with his shield. The sword and shield gladiator is a tenacious fighter, a good all-rounder, who handles most situations well.

Two-handed weapon gladiator. A towering gladiator whose strength allows him to crush his enemies with his two-handed weapon, killing anyone caught in the scope of his attack. Slow but unmovable, the two-handed weapon gladiator approaches enemies aggressively and never backs down. He does significant damage, and has the greatest health capacity in the game. This gladiator, who can carry weapons from large iron swords to huge axes, shouldn’t be written off.

Double weapon gladiator: an agile warrior who rushes into battle, causing serious damage before retreating to a safe place to avoid counterattacks. Her unique ability lets her attack enemies in the back with weapons like a mallet or a massive hammer, causing huge damage and making her one of the most desirable gladiators in the game. With abilities that increase her damage and survival capacity, the double-armed gladiator can be a devastating force if trained for it.

The clever spear gladiator: this is the only gladiator that attacks from a distance using his spear, before retreating to a safe place. Equipped with solid armor and skills that allow him to cause damage from across the arena, the spear gladiator is the most adept at overcoming less versatile opponents.

Gladiator Heroes is a free strategy game, however you will have the option to buy some items in the game in exchange for real money. If you prefer not to use that function, please disable in-app purchases in your mobile device’s settings.


Android Version: 4.1+
50 MB

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