Fortress of Champions APK Free Download

Command your group of mighty champions in this unique action-strategy game. Use strategy and skillful card play to beat your rivals. Build a powerful fortress full of traps and obstacles to defend against enemy raids.
Join a Guild and take the battle to a new level in the Kingdoms War, so join your friends and play for free now.

Android Version: 4.3+

– Command your ultimate raid party of champions to destroy enemy Fortresses
– Combat is packed with strategy, mixing deck building and card play in real time battles
– Collect epic champions, powerful spells, and defensive rooms to get a strategic edge
– Choose your rooms carefully to build your Fortress and outwit your enemies
– Compete with others in non-stop events for big prizes and rise up the Leagues
– Join a Guild to work together and earn new rewards
– Take part in Kingdoms wars, win at the Kingdom Games and show the world how good you are.


Android Version: 4.3+
56 MB
Source: anroed

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